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PITTSBURGH, PA, USA (December 4, 2006) – Neuro Kinetics, Inc. (NKI), manufacturers of medical diagnostic equipment utilized worldwide, said today that it has been awarded a patent (# 7,119,471) from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the design of its Barany (rotary) chair's motor.

The Barany chair is the motion stimulus component of NKI's diagnostic systems used clinically for balance, neurologic and vertigo testing in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, and for advanced research by universities, government agencies and others.

The newly patented motor design incorporates advanced digital technologies, fiber optics, optical encoders and unique cooling, slip ring and bearing designs, as well as other advanced technologies employed to enable precise control of the chairs, which in turn produces more accurate test results.

Among other benefits, NKI's powerful and smooth motor enables its chair system to be used for excessively heavy patients (those weighing as much as 400 pounds or more), a functionality that no other commercial chair system offers.

"Securing a patent for the motor is a significant step for us," said J. Howison Schroeder, NKI president and CEO. "Not only do we protect our current intellectual property, it also gives us a platform for our ongoing program of product innovation."

Continued Schroeder, "The high-performance motor gives our clinician and research users enhanced flexibility to expand their range of tests and improve patient care. Because the chair systems are low maintenance and require minimal operator training, users have more time to devote to caring for their patients or pursuing their research objectives."

NKI's chair is part of the company's neuro-otologic test center, itself one of a portfolio of products and services valued for their reliability and efficiency by neurologists, otolaryngologists, audiologists, vestibular researchers and others across North America, and in Australia, Asia and Europe.

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