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NKI Launches I-Portal® 3D VOG System at Neuroscience 2003

Neuro Kinetics was present at the 2003 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in New Orleans, LA (Booth #1718) to launch its new I-Portal® 3D Video-Oculography (VOG) System The show was a great success, generating substantial interest in the marketplace, while providing NKI with valuable market feedback on I-Portal®'s functionality and user benefits.

NKI, working with some of the world's leading VOG researchers, designed and engineered the patent-pending I-Portal® product line. I-Portal® delivers accurate, affordable, three-dimensional eye measurement and analysis, allowing a wider range of clinicians and researchers the opportunity to improve diagnoses and increase understanding of both the vestibular and ocular-motor systems. The new system is easy to set up, quick to calibrate, and provides increased patient comfort. In addition, the system includes proprietary NKI software that incorporates unique, interactive eye modeling to support real-time analysis of eye movement.

The Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting is the premier venue for neuroscientists to meet and exchange the latest discoveries about the brain, spinal cord and nervous system. Neuroscience 2003 achieved record attendance; almost 28,800 neuroscientists and their colleagues met in New Orleans from Saturday, November 8, to Wednesday, November 12.