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PITTSBURGH, PA USA (December 12, 2005) – Neuro Kinetics, Inc. (NKI), manufacturers of medical diagnostic equipment used worldwide, announced today that it is now offering version 6.0 of its VEST™ software used to analyze and manage results of neuro-otologic testing.

NKI's VEST™ software is used to operate NKI-manufactured Barany (rotary) Chair Systems and other diagnostic devices used clinically for balance and vertigo testing in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, and for advanced research by universities, government agencies and others. The company's software and diagnostic testing equipment is used by neurologists, otolaryngologists, audiologists, vestibular researchers and others across North America, and in Australia, Asia and Europe.

The new upgraded version 6.0 features an improved graphical user interface, additional algorithms that produce detailed and accurate results, and enhanced data collection and display options. Web-enabled patient reports produced through the VEST™ software may be used for insurance and Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements.

"We're excited to offer our latest software upgrade to our worldwide community of users," said Howison Schroeder, NKI president and CEO. "The software offers unequalled sensitivity, flexibility and precision, all increasingly important attributes as neuro-otologic testing becomes more widespread."

The VEST™ software is based on LabView™ technology and is available in three editions: Clinical, Research and Developer.

The Clinical Edition includes a battery of commonly used clinical and reimbursable balance tests with normative data for comparative analysis. It is designed for use in either a hospital setting or a medical practitioner's office.

The Research Edition provides advanced features, including virtually unlimited protocol creation and test parameter modifications. It is used primarily by clinical researchers who need added flexibility to adapt tests for unique patient conditions or grant-funding proposals.

The Developer Edition gives users the ability to access the software's source code in order to integrate other testing equipment, develop their own unique algorithms or experiment with new motion profiles.

For more information on the VEST™ software, current and prospective NKI users should contact the company directly, in the U.S. at +1 412.963.6649 or via e-mail to

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