MARCH 2011
Profile of an I-Portal® NOTC Clinical User



"I loved being part of the team that helped audiologists grow their practices.”

Dr. Terri Ives
Dr. Terri Ives
(Photo courtesy of Jimmy Dozer)

Until recently, Denver-based audiologist Dr. Terri Ives served as Neuro Kinetics’ clinical director. She trained audiologists, physicians and other clinicians at some of the most prestigious hospitals and clinics around the world to use the company’s advanced vestibular diagnostic equipment in the detection and diagnosis of balance and vestibular issues.

Ives also spoke at professional conferences and contributed to journals with bylined articles covering various aspects of vestibular diagnostics.  She assisted the Neuro Kinetics research development team in product design and worked on research grant proposals that have helped the company focus its technical research on a broader array of diseases and conditions that can be diagnosed through its eye-tracking measurement technology.

She says that above all, she enjoyed assisting audiologists do more for their patients suffering from dizziness.

“Expanding an audiology practice to include vestibular and balance diagnostics can be a real catalyst for a new level of success,” she says. “I loved being part of the team that helped audiologists grow their practices.”

Last year, she and business partner Sarah Smith, Au.D., took the entrepreneurial plunge and launched their own Denver audiological clinic, the Hearing and Balance Institute of the Rockies, Inc. (

Their clinic, which she says is the most extensive of its kind in Colorado and the surrounding states, offers a range of diagnostic and treatment services for tinnitus, dizziness/vertigo/imbalance, and hearing loss in infant through adult populations. 
Even though the six month-old clinic is growing on schedule, the path to launch was not without its challenges – chief among them financing issues stemming from the recession and banks’ unwillingness to lend.

“Other medical professions can basically walk into a bank and get loans requiring little or no personal collateral. Even with our profession’s overall failure rate being lower than a physician’s, we could not even speak to a bank about the same loans,” she recalls. “So we had to put together a group of investors – including family and other audiologists from around the country.”

The pair did qualify for a Small Business Administration loan, which was a key component to finally securing financing.

Purchasing the Neuro Kinetics’ I-Portal® NOTC (Neuro-Otologic Test Center) system was a critical early step.

“We wanted only the best diagnostic equipment,” Ives says. “The NOTC was an obvious choice. Having trained many others on the equipment, I had no learning curve. We were up and running as soon as the equipment got here. The I-Portal technology is a critical part of what makes us different. It allows us to identify so much more in the complex arena of dizziness disorders.”

Since opening their doors, the clinic has marketed its services to other medical specialists and directly to households in the metropolitan Denver area, in part through medical flyers. The clinic has also been prominently featured on a local television station’s health reporting service.

Hearing and Balance Institute of the Rockies

Hearing and Balance Institute of the Rockies
(Photo courtesy of Jimmy Dozer)

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