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I-Portal®-Neuro-Otologic Test Center

The I-Portal®-NOTC provides clinicians with a state-of-the-art, complete vestibular/neuro-otologic testing system solution that allows for greater confidence in diagnosis, the ability to test a broader range of patients, and fast return on investment.

System benefits:

  • Modular and upgradable
  • True OPK with full field
  • True smooth pursuit
  • Torsional eye data
  • Utricle diagnosis in infants
  • Bariatric patients up to 400 lbs

System components:

  • Rotary Chair (up to 3 axes)
  • Full field Optokinetic stimulus
  • Pursuit Tracker™ laser target generator
  • Isolation enclosure with patient monitoring and communication
  • I-Portal® digital eye tracking system

The easy-to-use VEST™ operating and analysis software features unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, providing the ability to quickly create new testing protocols and streamline testing with minimal setup time.

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Reimbursement procedures already exist allowing the clinician to recoup costs from the use of the Neuro-Otologic Test Center. There are currently seven CPT codes for balance testing. Neuro Kinetics has designed its products to ensure they qualify for reimbursement under these procedures. As a result, the potential value to a clinician is quite compelling. (Please contact Neuro Kinetics for more information on reimbursement and ROI.)