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Neuro Kinetics Open House May 4, 2004

Neuro Kinetics opened its doors on May 4, 2004 to share its latest and thank those who have played a role in making our vision a reality.  We completed our first redesigned Barany Chair System and wanted to show it off before it was shipped to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

The Barany Chair (also known as a rotary chair) tests an individual's balance mechanisms and neuro-otological function by providing precise motion profiles and measuring the neuro-otologic response through the resulting eye movement.  Neuro Kinetics created the modern rotary chair and with these new innovations is taking the lead once again:

  • New patent-pending I-Portal® eye tracker that provides affordable 3-D analysis
  • New patent-pending, digital motor set unmatched in its precision
  • Integration of fiber optics for the noiseless transmission of precise physiological data
  • New modular design that allows affordable upgrades for increased testing capability

The new VEST™ 5.0 operating and analysis software has been completely rebuilt and offers an improved easy-to-use GUI (graphical user interface). The software is efficient and flexible, and allows clinicians to customize their testing protocols. There are seven tests built into VEST™ 5.0 that have CPT codes for reimbursement, making the purchase of a Neuro Kinetics chair not only clinically beneficial, but profitable as well.

For full event coverage, please reference articles in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.